What We Do

Millennial Ad Network is a Pittsburgh based social media advertising agency that creates social influence and high exposure marketing spaces with our large network of digital media outlets.  Our team uses our unique market insight of millennials and gen zenennials to advertise to this primary demographic.  As experts in our field,  we have the ability to provide companies with effective digital advertisement solutions.  We not only influence large volumes of views, but understand your target market needs and place promotions into legitimate prospective consumers, which translates into sales.

At Millennial, our staff strongly believes that our first priority is to assist in expanding the revenue of the companies we work with.  Many digital marketing firms blast out advertisements to unresponsive, non-potential customers. They over-charge businesses to provide them with services that do not actually bring the companies sales. This is not the model of operation we pride ourselves with. If your company is wishing to seek a stronger presence within the rapidly growing world of social media, contact Millennial. We will be more than happy to consult with you, discuss your wants, and meet them with our competitive prices.

Why Choose Millennial

Here at Millennial, we are committed to supplying a digital influence service that concentrates on the quality of those who the company wishes to advertise to. Finding legitimate prospects and exposing them to your material is the mission our company is based upon.  Whether your company nationally ships products, or is a local store located anywhere in the United States, we will find your target market and augment the interest in your company.

Many companies in today's marketplace understand the importance of digital marketing, but do not know how to effectively enter the world of social networks, while doing so in a budget-conscious way.