John Maher, Executive Director

John Maher is the head of one of our two corporate positions. He is responsible for a variety of tasks such as the oversight and consistent care of Millennial's accounts, in addition to client acquisition. John's position allows him to focus on streamlining operations and assuring our quality work. He is always on call and reachable by clientele to discuss any questions or concerns they may have. It is a pleasure to have John as a part of our team.

Jake Skoloda, President

Jake Skoloda is one of the most highly acclaimed and sought after members of our team. He is a recognized expert in his field: Marketing to Gen-Z. Jake recently spoke at the marketing to Gen-Z conference in New York where he was able to give his unique insight into the life of a GenZennial. He is a key part of our team's ability to increase brand recognition and connect businesses to the fasted growing demographic in the world.

Brendan Maher, Technology Director

Brendan Maher is the unsung hero of our operations. He is the creator of the Millennial website and is vital to our digital campaigns. Brendan is well on his way of becoming our very own in-house expert programmer. An eye for detail is a must in this department and Brendan exemplifies this quality. He loves creating the perfect eye-catching and innovative site for our clientele.