MAN Team at PR Week Swipe Right / by Brendan Maher

This past Thursday, 3 of our team members spoke at "Swipe Right" a marketing conference in New York that was hosted by PR Week. PR week is the largest marketing publication in the world so this attracted some very big names. Not only were they able to get out of 3 days of school but they had a great time as well. Some of the other speakers were the CMO of Facebook, the CMO of IBM, and the CMO of Tinder, along with many other internationally acclaimed people.

Being the youngest people there (by far) allowed our team to really help shed some light on what being a member of Gen-Z is all about. One of the highlights of the conference was when the CMO of facebook, Gary Briggs, told Jake to "go to his room" after Jake asked him a particularly engaging question about parents forcing teens off of social media.

Jake, John and Brendan all brought some very unique and innovative view points to attention. Our team wants to extend a very big thank you to Gideon Fidelzeid for giving us this amazing opperrtuinity! 

"Older Millennials have a tendency towards aspiring to more abstract goals in their career i.e. 'internal peace, working for a company with a mission, spirituality' whereas Gen Z may lean towards more concrete material goals such as 'Bigger homes, newer cars, and more expensive clothing.' this is a crucial differentiating factor.." - John Maher

" Brands missing mark using phrases like 'on fleek' actually offensive to Gen Z.." - Brendan Maher 

"Gen Z consumers consistently seek friends' approval of brands/purchases" -Jake Skoloda