Chief Executive Officer or Chief Engagement Officer? / by Brendan Maher

What does Tesla, Facebook and T-Mobile all have in common? 

At first glance not much. They couldn't be more different and yet all of these brands capture the eye of Gen-Z. Why is this? How can your brand follow suit? 

Millennials and Gen-Z support brands that align with their ideals. With ease of access to news and other means of communication every move that a brand makes will be under the spotlight. Through effective use of their social channels the companies listed above all are able to control their news flow and stimulate a younger audience. They will all have very continued success as today's youth grow.

That is just the start. Even though Gen-Z's lives revolve around social media we cherish the human to human relationship we have with the person behind the screen. When we see a big name CEO expressing themselves on social media and standing for ideals that we relate with we are much more likely to associate with that brand. They also get bonus points when their messages do not sound "corporatey".

Gen-Z wants to see the story, the struggle and the passion of large corporations. We want to feel that basic human connection. 

Become more than another big brand. When you become a person, an ideal, you will capture the Gen-Z market.