Publication News / by Brendan Maher

A while back my team and I were in a meeting with Rebel Gail and a huge idea was formed. When we have consulted with companies in the past, the first 30 minutes have normally been spent on outlining trends in Gen-Z that are unheard of to adults. While not extremely brand specific these first 30 minutes have laid the ground work for many successful, innovative campaigns.

Jessica Goldberg and Frank Neill from Rebel Gail suggested that we start a reoccurring publication in order to go over these trends as soon as we notice them starting to take effect. We have decided to take action on this! Not only will our publication be an extremely valuable tool for marketers but will also assist in deciphering youth culture for individuals and brands alike. Generation-Z is adapting and creating new trends every single day. If you are not doing the same, you have no hope of effectively marketing to them. 

THIS PUBLICATION IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. My team is taking a no-nonsense and direct approach. This approach might seem slightly abrasive to many readers. While this is not our intention my team realizes this is the best way to transfer our information. The days of huge marketing buzz words, space fillers and over complication are over.

The Millennial Ad Network team will be releasing bi-weekly updates, articles and case studies all centered around what is happening in youth culture right now, as well as periodical "MAN Alerts" if we have huge breaking news that we need to get out ASAP. My team also plans on bringing in many other youth marketing experts from around the world to collaborate in order to provide the best youth marketing information in the market. 

While it will be a free service at first we plan on transition to a subscription based service. Though we hope to keep the costs low enough where it is a viable tool for companies of all sizes to use. We will offer different rates for personal and corporate usage.

 Our publication will debut shortly, once enough interest is generated.

When we decide to transition to a subscription based model we will have a limited time promotion where we offer a free 30 minute consulting session with the purchase of a year long corporate subscription. You do not have to use this right away either! You can save it for when you are brain storming your next big marketing blitz or to address specific problems your brand is facing. All of our current clients and accounts will receive this ground breaking publication completely for free!

To learn more or subscribe email us at and we will talk you through everything!