2018 Marketing to Gen-Z Conference / by Brendan Maher

Last year our president, Jake Skoloda, won the "Apple of Our Eye" award at the annual 2017 Marketing to Gen-Z Conference. This year Jake will be back and is looking forward to making the 2018 conference a memorable one. He is teaming up with Gregg Witt, Maxine Marcus, Connor Blakley, Patrick Finnegan, Ishan Goel and Scarlet Curtis to deliver never before published strategies and market analysis reports that will help decipher the world of youth marketing. 

The Marketing to Generation Z Conference is a one-day, multi-speaker, drill down on Generation Z, presented by today’s most active, prominent leaders in Gen Z research & marketing. It will immediately help consumer marketing, research and ad execs improve their understanding, sales and marketing to the largest ever consumer cohort.

Gen. Z, the Market:

  • 2 Billion Globally

  • 25% Of Current US Population

  • First Majority Non-White US Generation

  • 40% Of US Consumers By 2020

  • Spend $44 Billion Annually

  •  Influence $600 Billion Annual Family Spend

Attending the Marketing to Generation Z Conference gives you incomparable ROI:

  • Tens of Thousands of $$$ worth of the very latest Gen Z research

  • Priceless real-world insights based on direct-from-the-trenches experiences

  • Up-to-the-minute, case-studies from successful Gen Z campaigns

  • Peer-to-peer networking and learning with execs who face the same challenges you do

  • Immediately actionable information & insights you can’t get anywhere else … at any price!

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity!