The Ambassadors Company & Qonsult / by Brendan Maher

Here at the Millennial Ad Network we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of youth marketing. The fact that we are in college and get to experience the genesis of trends months before they reach mainstream marketing channels is a huge advantage. Even after all of that we strive to provide more ROI for our clients. But what is the point of developing unique and innovative marketing strategies if you can not execute them in a way that maximizes their potential? This is why we are very pleased to publicly announce two long standing business partnerships with The Ambassadors Company and Qonsult. 

The Ambassadors Company is a teen insights, consulting, and feedback company that provides the raw and honest teen perspective. They review products, marketing strategies, brands, and investment decisions. They work with a network over 150 + teen Ambassadors that provide brutally honest feedback and actionable suggestions. 

Qonsult is a creative marketing agency with a focus on performance driven content-marketing, photography, videography, social media management, advertising and digital strategy. With years of experience in, but not limited to, the automotive and real estate marketing industries, they have been acclaimed as the top marketing agency to look out for in the Pittsburgh locale and beyond.

Maxine Marcus, CEO of The Ambassadors Company, is a 17 year old based out of San Francisco, California and is an absolute joy to work with. You can tell that Maxine and all of her ambassadors are truly invested in their clients continued success which is something that large data collection firms can not compete with. Their insights are not for brands that just want statics, they are real, thought provoking audits that pave the way for successful marketing programs and product improvements alike. 

The founders of Qonsult, Caleb Clark and Doug Raible, are two of Pittsburgh's finest. Since our agencies are only a few miles apart it has been great to foster a continued work relationship so close to home. When their creative and content generation capabilities are able to be brought to bear the results speak for themselves. Pittsburgh has a long history of hosting some world class marketing agencies and Qonsult is continuing that tradition in a spectacular way. 

Our combined efforts are sure to be a defining factor in many joint campaigns coming up. Be sure to check out their websites!