New Work and Updates / by Brendan Maher

The back to school season is a busy time of year for everyone (especially Gen-Z)! Kids are going back to school and well, adults work year round but it is none the less busy for them. This time of year has been historically busy for our team and we are very much so continuing that tradition in 2018. The four of us are off to college. Our CFO, Stephen, is at Washington and Jefferson and the rest of us are attending Saint Vincent College. While our clients always come first and foremost we are all greatly looking forward to the opportunity to expand our knowledge and increase our skillset to augment the value we bring to the table. Saint Vincent has been more than welcoming and helpful in regards to helping us grow our business. I would like to extend a very special thanks to Dr. Gary Quinlivan (Dean of the McKenna School of Business) and Brother Norman Hipps (President of Saint Vincent) for making our attendance here a reality. 


We have a couple of very new and exciting projects we are working on. Some of which include the apps BiTSR and Castamash.

While we have been working with BiTSR for a while we are really gearing up for their launch into the App Store. BiTSR is a revolutionary video conference app that has wide appeal to youth, teams and businesses alike. The BiTSR team has been a pleasure to work with through this whole process and we hope to be able to help them improve the video conference space forever. Stephen Smith (CEO) and John Reardon (Chairman) are both extremely accomplished individuals and I know success will follow them in any venture they choose to pursue. 

Castamash is an app that is centered around creating short videos with friends. A special thanks to Annabella Peng for linking us up. Their founder, Antonio Di Francesco, is on his second huge project and I have no doubt that together we will be able to do huge things.

My team is stoked to be apart of both!